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New Years as a New Mom

As a new mom New Years Eve looked a little different this year compared to previous. And by a little, I mean A LOT. Nick’s tweet from NYE says it all:


Life truly does come at you. FAST. Right now we’re working on sleep training Maverick, which if you’ve done this you know it’s far from easy and entails a lot of sleepless nights. So our New Years Eve consisted of laying in bed at 8 o’clock, listening to Mav screaming his head off in the other room, our dog Marley shaking uncontrollably from the fireworks outside, and me and Nick attempting to finish a movie without falling asleep first (okay, it’s mostly me who always falls asleep during movies EVERY TIME).

It was most definitely not the way I imagined I’d ring in 2020. It was far from the most eventful night, we literally just stayed at home in bed. But, it was the first New Years Eve I was able to be with the family I built. I got to have more smiles with Mav. Quality time with Nick. Snuggle with the dogs. And while these are all just basic things, at the end of the day those are the things that I am thankful for & the things that make me happy.

Just a few minutes shy of midnight Nick woke me up (I had fallen asleep with Mav while nursing him in bed). He had a bottle of champagne and two glasses sitting on the nightstand. We counted down the final 10 seconds of 2019 and shared a kiss and a sip of champagne right at midnight. That sweet, simple gesture of my man meant more to me than any New Years party could have. But then we put Mav in his crib again and the poor boy cried his first 30 minutes of the new year 😦 I guess the sweet moments can only last so long!

As a new mom I try and remind myself that it’s okay if the highlight of my night is curling up in bed. There’s no one else I’m trying to please other than my family and myself. I also remind myself that not every New Years Eve is going to look like this. Eventually, Nick and I will go out to parties or be on vacation ringing in the New Year. And when that does happen, we’ll probably be reminiscing on New Years Eve of 2019 in bed with our son and dogs and remembering just how sweet it was (sleep training and all).

PS. Mav didn’t sleep well in his crib that night and he was EXHAUSTED on New Years Day. He fell asleep sitting up in his “throne” today, which never happens!


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