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Best Baby Products Every Mom Must Have

As a new mom it’s so hard to know what you’ll actually use or need for your baby. There are a million different products and brands out there and it can be overwhelming. Of all the items, I can assure you these are some must-haves to survive life with a newborn!

Best Baby Products

1)  Boppy Newborn Lounger

Boppys are some of the most popular baby products out there and there’s a reason why! I have two different types of Boppys that I can’t live without. The Boppy Newborn Lounger is great for the couch, bed, or floor to give your baby a nice spot to lay down!


2) Boppy Nursing Pillow

Then there’s the Boppy Nursing Pillow, which is a MUST HAVE for nursing your baby, feeding with a bottle, and just holding your little one. Your arms will get tired and this pillow makes all the difference.


EXTRA BONUS: You can nurse your baby laying down and the Boppy makes an ultra comfy pillow for YOU!


If you have both, you can even stack the nursing pillow on top of the lounger to make the perfect little seat. Maverick LOVES sitting in this seat every single morning and is all smiles the entire time he’s in it!


3) Nursing/Car Seat Cover

If you’re nursing your baby a cover definitely makes this easier! If you’re out in public, at someone’s house, or have guests over and wanting to cover up while nursing this is exactly what you need! I didn’t have one at first and found myself tying blankets around my neck, which never fully covered everything and was such a hassle. This nursing cover also doubles as a cover for your car seat. We had Maverick right at the beginning of flu season so it was nice that we could easily cover him in his carrier when we would go places!

IMG_1157Image result for gray and white striped nursing cover

4) RockaRoo

The RockaRoo has put my little man to sleep more times than I can count! He finds himself so content sitting in his swing chewing on his bib or staring at the pretty colors above his head then suddenly he’s sound asleep. It also keeps him asleep! Many times I’ll rock him until he’s sound asleep in my arms, then put him in his RockaRoo so he can keep on rockin’. Works like a charm! This is also the cheaper alternative to a MamaRoo, which I haven’t personally used but can imagine works great as it’s the same product but with 5 different types of rocks and sways. You can’t go wrong either way, whatever fits your budget!


5) Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

This Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is MAGIC I tell ya! As long as Maverick is fed and not in dire need of a nap, he could be content in this little chair for so long. He’ll watch football with his dad or watch me cook or clean. As long as I set him near me so he can watch whatever I’m doing, this boy is happy! Which also makes for a happy mama so I can get some chores done or just take a load off.


These products serve the purpose of keeping your baby comfortable/asleep/NOT CRYING *praise*. There’s nothing more important than to keep your little ones happy so you mamas can keep your sanity! I hope this helps you get a little more sleep and a lot more happy baby 🙂


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