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Gallery Wall & Painted Railing

I’ve been in my house under a year and one of the first projects I wanted to tackle was doing something with the empty wall in my living room. It was such an eye sore and I needed an inexpensive, quick way to spruce it up.

There’s no better way to show off family photos and take up wall space than creating a gallery wall! A lot of picture frames out there can be really expensive, so I went the cheapest route I could by purchasing plain black frames that didn’t even have hooks to hang for $5 each at Hobby Lobby. I then attached sawtooth hangers with gorilla glue to each frame (the hangers were only $2 for a pack!)

To create a nice contrast, I opted for doing a white wall so the black picture frames would really pop! For such an easy fix, this wall truly is one of my favorite things to look at in my house. It’s nice that I can update the photos to switch things up too!

The black railing was an after thought a few months after the gallery wall was done, and it sure does make a difference! Not only does it have a beautiful contrast with the wall, but it also only required black satin paint, white semi-gloss paint, a paint brush, and less than two hours! I was nervous because I didn’t sand the railing for the sake of saving time and simplifying the project as much as possible. But the paint had no problem adhering to the railing! I couldn’t be happier with this inexpensive, quick fix in my home!




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