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DIY Maternity Photo Shoot

At 36 weeks pregnant I realized I STILL hadn’t taken any maternity photos. Now if you’re anything like me, taking pictures especially when you’re extremely pregnant is the last thing you want to do. But, I knew if I didn’t take any I would have regrets so I finally planned a day to do it!

With how much having a baby costs, getting an expensive photographer was not how I wanted to spend my money. Instead I asked my sister in law to use my camera and take some photos one afternoon at a park when I was 38 weeks pregnant. The only “planning” and money involved in these photos was ordering a maternity dress for $39.99 on Amazon and searching poses I wanted to duplicate from Pinterest. THAT’S IT! Forty dollars and putting in the effort to do my hair and makeup and BOOM I have maternity photos that could have cost me hundreds had I hired a photographer. Now we aren’t professional picture takers or editors by any means, but I’m happy that I have beautiful photos to remember my pregnancy ♥DIY Maternity Photo Shoot2019-09-16_20-26-06_0002019-09-16_20-27-21_0002019-09-16_20-24-02_0002019-09-16_20-24-21_0002019-09-17_07-10-34_0002019-09-16_20-24-43_0002019-09-16_20-34-58_0002019-09-16_20-29-05_0002019-09-16_20-25-21_0002019-09-16_20-23-38_0002019-09-16_20-33-08_000

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